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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buildings in 'T' Scale

On my December 8 post, I published a photo of some of my buildings in “T” scale, and I promised to come back with new photos.

I am sorry I took so much time, but I had a lot of “real work” to do and I do this hobby in my spare time.

Today I am bringing photos of some new buildings I designed. They are simpler than the ones I had shown on my hand; these new ones have no posts or canopies, so they are easier to build and you can use in any train layout as an station, housing, hotel, etc.

The original style is what some people call “Mediterranean” (Southern Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, etc.) but this style is also seen in the Caribbean Islands, Latin America, California, and many other places.

I draw several small buildings calling them “modular blocks” because I designed them in a way that we can glue together several units in order to make a bigger building. If you observe the location of some doors and windows of each of the 2 story high blocks, you will note that you can stick a one story high building to 2 or more sides of the taller buildings without cutting a portion of a door or a window


Here are the links for downloading the files in Pdf format, ready to print. There are also available files for the same buildings i "N" scale, "Z" scale and the "T" scale ruler:

Link for “T” scale Buildings

Link for “Z” scale Buildings

Link for “N” scale Buildings

Link for the “T” (1/450) and 1/300 scale ruler:

The paper I used is Wausau Bright White Premium Card Stock, 65 Lb., it is acid-free and comes in 250 sheet of 8 ½” x 11” package. You can buy it at Office Depot, Office Max, Staples, and other office supply stores. I printed them in an old HP PSC 1507 All in One.

When printing any of these PDF file check:
Paper: 8 1/2 x 11

Page Scaling: none

Under Printer Properties, select:

Print quality: normal, 600 dpi

Paper type: Automatic.

For building construction you will need white glue, an X-acto knife, an straight edge (preferable a metal one; if you use a plastic triangle like me, you have to be very careful to avoid damaging the edge), some tweezers for holding the glued flaps in position until the glue hardens, some toothpicks to apply the glue, and a piece of card in order to drop a blob of glue to be picked with the toothpicks.

Some of the modular blocks on my hand.

Two buildings ensambled with 3 and 4 modular blocks.

If any of my readers decides to construct some of these buildings and placed them in a train layout, please send me some photos and I gladly post them on this blog.
Have fun!