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Monday, December 28, 2015

Test model in "T" scale

This is my first post in 4 years. I left the trains hobby for a while, but I started it again this year.
My new idea was to built a mini layout in "T" scale with a single loop, but at the same time with several different scenes throughout the model. But before doing it,  I decided to make a smaller 8" x 8" model as a test to see how it will look. The initial idea was to make an island with a beach, rocks and some boats. I made a sketch on paper and placed some of my houses (see March 9, 2011 post) and some pieces of wood as rocks. I had 3 different "island maps" to choose from.

When I choose the design I liked, I cut out the island from a board of 1/2" blue Styrofoam, shaped a little bit for the beaches slopes and glue it down into a 1/8" plywood base previously painted in gloss blue. Then I added the rocks with Das "Air drying modeling clay" (leaving aside the model for 3 days to dry) and painted the island with acrylic paint.

I modified the little houses and added separated roof from scored orange cardstock and porches with wooden columns (I used Northeastern scale lumber 1/32" HOSCAL2211).


Then I glued down the buildings and applied some grass and foliage. I bought a Landscaping Kit LK954 from "Woodland Scenics" that has 7 colors and textures for ground cover (the small bushes are trees in "T" scale)

I also build some boats for the maritime scene (the name of the boats are my cats' names).

And finally I set the model inside a plastic box (upside down ) of Ferrero chocolates for display.

I was very happy with this model so I decided to make the bigger model for the railroad, I will post it soon